Amateur Radio Facts and Figures

This webpage is a catch-all of ham radio information.

Some of the more useful websites/webpages there are:

QRZ's Home Page (One of the most "go-to" Websites there is...)

QRZ's Advanced Lookup (Callsign, Name, County, Grid, DXCC, etc.)

QRZ's Expired Callsigns (Callsigns soon to be Available for Vanity Calls)

QRZ's Amateur Radio Practice Exams (Technician/General/Extra Exams)

QRZ's World Atlas (For DX Country Location  Lookups - Map of the World)

QRZ's Grid Mapper (Determined by Latitude/Longitude or Click-on-Map)

VE7CC's DX Cluster (One of the Best DX Cluster Applications there is...) (One of the Best Automatic Packet Reporting System Maps...)

ARRL's Band Plan (Tables of Functional Usage by Band and Frequency)

DX Code of Conduct (If You Chase DX, You should read these Guidelines)

3830 Score Rumors (If You do Contests, Here are the Rumored Scores)

Digital Signal Identification Wiki (Sound Bites and Waterfalls of Signals)

Shortwave Broadcast Search Engine (For Shortwave Listeners - SWLs)

WA7BNM Contest Calendar (Dates, Rules and Everything Contesting)

AC6V's Comprehensive Technical Reference (Weblinks to Everything)

FCC's Universal Licensing System (ULS - License Renewal and Search)

FCC's Amateur Radio Service HomePage (Many Filing Tasks for the Ham)

FCC's Part 97 - Amateur Radio Service Rules and Regulations (ARRL)

FCC's Part 97 - Amateur Radio Service Rules and Regulations (W5YI)

FCC's Part 97 - Amateur Radio Service Rules and Regulations (GPO PDF)

QST (Calling All Amateur Radio Operators - ARRL's Signature Magazine)

CQ Amateur Radio (Popular Amateur Radio Magazine for all Hams alike)

AMSAT (Amateur Satellite - Amateur Radio in Space Organization)

FAR (Foundation for Amateur Radio - Offers Scholarships for Education)

IARU (International Amateur Radio Union - Worldwide Voice of Amateurs)

QCWA (Quarter Century Wireless Association - Licensed for 25+ Years)

INDEXA (International DX Association - Promotes many DX Operations)

Ten Ten International Net (Promotes 10 Meter Band Ham Operations)

SKCC (Straight Key Century Club - Promotes Manual CW Operations)

FISTS Club (International Morse Preservation Society for CW Ops)

SKYWARN (Amateur Radio Protecting Lives and Property from Weather)

TAPR (Tuscon Amateur Packet Radio - Promotes all Digital Comm types)

DX QSO/SWL Real-Time Maps (Worldwide Point-to-Point Comms Paths)

Solar Ham by VE3EN (Comprehensive Solar and Ham Radio Information)


Some of the more useful facts there are:


Ham Radio HF/VHF Antenna Lengths Chart (Also Technician Class Links)

AC6V's Technical Reference (Facts on just about Everything for Hams)

HF Privileges Chart by Mode of Operation (By the Kenwood Corporation)

International Morse Code (Code Chart by the WikiMedia Organization)

Morse Code by Association (Use Your Browser's Zoom Function to View)


Some of the more useful formulas there are:


Math for the General Class Ham Radio Operator (PDF Slides by N9XH)

Basic Ohm's Law (Write-Up and Charts by the Ham Universe)

Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club 2014 Tech Class (By W6EK)

Some Math Formulas for CB and Amateur Radio (From New Zealand)

Math Supplement for Amateur Radio License Exam Preparation (ARRL)

K3DN's Antenna Calculator (Half-Wave and Quarter-Wave Lengths)

RF Calculators (Conversion Tools and More from everythingRF)

K7MEM's Website (website link broken...)

DigiKey Electronics (Online Conversion Calculators by DigiKey) 


Some miscellaneous charts, graphs and real-time data sources:


Real-Time Lightning Strikes in the United States (Centered on MD)


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Some of the more useful solar activity charts...


Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)


Wednesday, December 21, 2016
1:07:57 AM
(UTC or GMT)

NOTE: To convert 12-hour "normal" time to 24-hour "Military" time, simply add "12" to all PM times. For example, if it is 3:15 PM, in 24-hour time, it would be 15:15 hours UTC/GMT.


VHF/HF Band Conditions (Next Chart)



Maximum Useful Frequency - MUF (Next Two Charts)


Solar Conditions (Next Two Charts)



Planetary Lineup (Next Chart)



 Understanding the above Information 


Click Here for IONOGRAMS (updated every 5 minutes)

NOAA - Vertical Incidence Soundings (Ionograms)

UKSSDC - Interpreting the Ionogram

Wikipedia - Ionograms

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