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Aug 27

Pastor Dave's very first Blog at the new Website for DAT Ministries

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Pastor Dave's first blog about God the Father (I was saved in 1982), about the mitochondrial disease MELAS (I was diagnosed in 2005) and about Amateur (Ham) Radio (I was first licensed in 1974). Look for more blogs in the coming weeks and months and years...

I am excited to be writing my first blog on the newest DAT Ministries website. For those that have been following my writings since 1999 before the word blog was in the dictionary, this is a continuation of those from years past. I may rummage through my archives and post a few old ones to bring our new readers up-to-date with where we have all been. We have come a long ways since 1999 when DAT Ministries built its first web church or Internet-based church. We have come even further since I was diagnosed with MELAS in 2005 and given an uncertain future. And my hobby of Amateur (Ham) Radio has given me an "escape" means to travel around the world while being home-bound with MELAS.

Yes, I have a LOT to write about on these pages and look forward to sharing what I've learned over the years. Hopefully, you will find my writings serious yet with a tad of humor thrown in, informative and helpful in what you may be going through. We all face trials and tribulations and in a way, your trials and my trials while very different are actually quite similar when you dig down to the roots of how it affects you and shapes you. Trials and tribulations can be a good thing. You'll see what I mean in these pages.

And finally, I hope that you will contact me and let me know how you are doing, what you have been experiencing and how DAT Ministries has helped you through life in general. I'm going to stop now as it is 2:00 AM local time (Eastern Daylight Savings Time written as EDT or -4 hours UTC). Just another night of severe neuromuscular pain that is keeping me awake. Nothing new and many of you with diabetes and mitochondrial disorders experience the same thing and know what I am talking about.

You all remain in my prayers and I wish you good tidings in all that you do. Be blessed with God's goodness.

Yours in Christ, Pastor Dave

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